The services we provide! (and application requirements)

If you need it, we deliver!

On this page we describe the technical aspects of the QMS View Wizard application and the services we provide. As with the application usage, everything is simple, intuitive and straight forward. We give service on all aspects but we don not expect you need it.

What is under de hood of QMS View Wizard!

QMS View Wizard is a web portal written in PHP and uses a MySQL database.

QMS View Wizard Install Requirements:

Below are the requirements but basicly any WAMP, LAMP, XAMP, WOS, ? installation will do.
* No operating system preference.
* any Webserver (preferably Apache).
* PHP (preferably 4.1+).
* MySQL (server) (preferably 4.1+).
* Optionally: LibreOffice installed on the webserver station.
   Only needed if you want automatic conversion of office documents.
   PDF files as QMS documents are default supported!

Some QMS View Wizard Documents available in our demo.

* Our QMS View Wizard Setup Manual.
* The QMS View Wizard User Manual.
* Other QMS View Wizard documents.

What Services do we provide!

Help in converting your QMS documents to QMS View Wizard sources.

Obviously we can also help you with defining/writing your QMS!

Training (on site if needed)

Problem solving via our 'Frequently Asked Questions' or direct contact.

Any other way we can help you?