The product: QMS View Wizard

Excels in simplicity and efficiency!

The sole purpose of QMS View Wizard is to create a viewing portal on your Quality Management System organizational process descriptions. QMS View Wizard excels uniquely in its purpose and has a feature list that you always wanted but never have seen before!

QMS View Wizard Features

With QMS View Wizard the number of visible documents and their content are tuned towards the viewer!

Define your range of knowledge levels and adapt the text blocks of your Quality Management System process documentation accordingly so that viewers read documents with the amount of text they need.
Based on the product or project type selection the number of visible Quality Management System documents is adapted.
Also the content of any Quality Management System document can be adapted based on the choosen project or product selection.

With QMS View Wizard you have an intuitive view of and search in your Quality Management System documents on attributes you always missed!

You can search and filter on: templates, roles, standards, document references, etc. etc.
You can narrow the scope of the search only to chapters, pargraphs and/or tasks.
You can perform a "Where used" on e.g.:
   * What are my phase (input or output) deliverables?
   * Which Quality Management System documents share the same input /output deliverable?
   * Which roles does a project need in a specific lifecycle phase?
   * What is the deliverable list of a certain product/project type (phase)?
   * Which Quality Management System documents refer e.g. to the planning process document?

QMS View Wizard can generate PDF documents with your own watermark, header, footers, colors, etc.!

Generated electronic/paper pdf Quality Management System documents have an "Uncontrolled" text watermark and a printed date to discourage long term use. Obviously you can define your own watermerk text, print header, footers colors, etc.

QMS View Wizard let you use your own Quality Management System process maps as graphical interface!

You can use your own Quality Management System process overview images as graphical menus!
Click on an image area to call another Quality Management System process map, a (selection) list of documents or a specific document / template.

QMS View Wizard let you open a tailored view on all of your (old) Quality Management System versions!

You can create html links to project or product specific versions of your Quality Management System baselines so that project members always have direct acces their applicable Quality Management System documents.

QMS View Wizard can log which actions have been executed or templates requested!

Always wanted to know what people were looking for in your Quality Management System.
Now you can see which command were executed, what people were searching for.
Also you can log which templates are downloaded.

QMS View Wizard can process PDF and "Office" files.

Exiting PDF files get an accompanying "Wrapper file" with several attributes to catalog the PDF content.
The pages of the PDF file will be shown in shrinked format to make room for your standard page header and footer.
"Office" source files like presentations, workbooks, etc. also receive a "Wrapper file" and will be automatically converted to PDF format and get the standard PDF treatment.

Additional features are: Review due date tacking, Get all Quality Management System documents, Complete terms & abbreviations list.

Per Quality Management System document you can define the next review date, owner and suggested reviewers.
You can get PDF versions of all/selected Quality Management System document in one command.
Based on the content of your Quality Management System documents a terms & abbreviation list is generated.
QMS View Wizard can be used in your language of choice independent of the Quality Management System document languages.

QMS View Wizard can be fully integrated in your company intranet website.

User definable header, footers, menu's, colors, styles, etc. for full intranet integration.

With QMS View Wizard you can re-use your existing Quality Management System process documents (almost) as is!

Don't write MS Word files but MS Excel files.

QMS View Wizard let you use your your own tooling for Quality Management System document management!

Version, change control and baselining of your Quality Management System process assets with the your own Configuration Management tools!
QMS View Wizard supports local development environments for Quality Management System source modifications (Webserver On Stick).
You can even create "Read Only" QMS applications on an USB stick for e.g. somewhone who needs to travel.

QMS View Wizard seduces and stimulates you to move your Quality Management System process descriptions to the next quality level.

Define your own Quality Management System structure & details and use QMS View Wizard to improve the content and consistency of your Quality Management System documents.